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Kien KUOCH, a multilingual entrepreneur passionate about the world of tourism, is the founder of “TRAVEL KIEN PARTNER”. His agency stands out for its commitment to customer service and the promotion of tourist attractions, particularly in France and Vietnam.

After dedicated experience in local government and education services, Kien launched his own business to provide exceptional travel. Today, his vision encompasses tourism and cultural activities, fueled by his passion for discovering the world. Its objective is to promote and develop the tourist attractions of the regions from a sustainable tourism perspective.

TRAVEL KIEN PARTNER's values include authenticity, respect for local cultures, and a commitment to preserving the environment. Through an attentive and personalized approach, the agency aspires to create enriching experiences for each traveler, while contributing to the economic and social development of local communities.


PORTRAIT 04_08_2022_2.jpg


Head business manager

Certified Travel Sales Advisor - National Professional Title Graduate

Multilingual : French, English, Chinese Cantonese, Vietnamese

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