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Versailles - 1 day

Classified as a World Heritage Site, the Palace of Versailles is one of the finest achievements of the 17th century. 
The Palace of Versailles is located at nearly 16 km southwest of Paris. 
The palace is a huge tourist attraction, and is highly recommended during tourism season.
. Landscaped gardens of the castle, fountains, shaded paths and canals, where tourists can rent boats to sail. Some gardens have farm animals : this is of great interest especially to children. 
. Several living rooms, bedrooms, and other facilities in the castle : the refined decor of the living rooms and the golden luxurious atmosphere.
. At night: the magic of the water, the fountains, the fireworks, and the flames in the center of the lawn are absolutely beautiful. 

Honeymoon tips for lovers :  arrive at Versailles with two glasses and a bottle of Champagne and drink it on the grass when you settle in the park of the castle. Also tidy all your stuff in your backpack after you finish! Don’t forget!

An example of a single day visit to Versailles:
• Morning: visit the Gardens during the Fountain Show
• Noon: lunch at a restaurant in the park of Versailles
• Early afternoon: visit the Palace of Versailles
• Late afternoon: visit the Trianon estate
(pavilion annexed to the castle and has its own gardens. It was inhabited by the youngest daughters of the King) 
• Evening: Night Fountains Show

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