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The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


It’s located in the west of FRANCE, just be a see called LA MANCHE, which is the beach of the region of NORMANDIE. It is 378 KM from Paris. It takes 4.30 hours to get there by car, and 4 hours by train with a shuttle to get to Mont Saint-Michel.


The construction of the Mount are said to have started in 708, approximately 13 centuries ago.


A legend says that a bishop saw the Archangel Saint-Michel appear, and gave him the order to build a monument in his honor.


The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is the site of the highest tides in Europe. They enable tourists each year to admire the Mount surrounded by water.


The bay is also an exceptional natural site, an unmissable site in the Manche department.


Admire the Mount surrounded by water, and the highest tides in Europe. Then, stroll through its steep little streets preferably by taking the path that goes around the ramparts. Charming alleys, small hidden houses. Beautiful gardens and on the way up, an exceptional view of the bay. Abbey: sublime architectural jewel, both outside and inside, with many secrets...




When you go to Mont Saint-Michel, you can enjoy going through Etretat before arriving there: the distance between Mont Saint-Michel and Etretat is 240 km, which is approximately 3 hours by car.


Etretat is a unique landscape in the world.

It’s a harsh location, where man is in direct contact with nature, yet it is also extremely admirable, per example; the stunning verticality of the cliffs!


Whether you are on your small boat or at the top of these majestic limestone, you can only marvel at the splendor of such a landscape in this location, for it’s unique in the world.

3Mont Saint Michel.
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