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Le Havre  - 2 days and one night at the hotel


Le Havre is the most important city in Normandy. It’s also known as a "Phoenix" city, for it was completely rebuilt after the Second World War. Moreover, it’s listed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. 

(According to the Asian legend, the Phoenix is a magnificent bird with very beautiful colored feathers, which can be reborn from its center    .)

It is considered the first French port for foreign trade, container traffic, and energy supplies. Furthermore, it is the main point of import/export of new vehicles, and the world’s first port for wines and spirits.

Le Havre is 200 km west of Paris, almost 2 hours from it. The city attracts more and more tourists in search of originality.

Le HAVRE is twinned with:
  Tampa (USA), Saint-Pétersbourg (Russia), Southampton (England) and   Pointe-Noire (Congo)
(Twinning is an exchange mechanism, a partnership between two cities, which are generally not located in the same country. This system oversees cultural events, exchanges to welcome people (often teenagers), workers for a summer job, etc.)

Le Havre has signed partnership contracts with various foreign towns:
•      Dalian (China) since 1985
•      Magdebourg  (Germany) since 2011 
•      Riga (Latvia) since 2005 
•      Amsterdam (the Netherlands) since 2005
•      Delfzijl (Netherlands)since 2005
•      Gdańsk (Poland) since 2005 
•      El Jadida (Morocco) since 2005 
The port of Le Havre is an interface between Paris, Europe, and the rest of the word.
Le Havre constitutes a unique architectural heritage; for a part of it is modern which was rebuilt after the 2nd world war, another part was steeped in preserved ancient history, and yet another part maintained its functions throughout centuries, which is the port.
Le Havre’s international significance steeps from its distinctive culture, rich history and its port economy.

The renowned painting created in Le Havre : « Terrasse de Sainte adresse Claude MONET »  (1867).

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